When I was in college, I decided that I wanted to have twelve children. I thought it would be such fun! I’m sure some of this decision was influenced by reading Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. What mattered it to me that I wasn’t even dating, much less in child-bearing mode? I was more geared to writing philosophical essays and competing in public speaking tournaments. Nevertheless, I longed for those twelve children and I named some of them. I’m still getting that list of names ready and adding to it on occasion. For this week’s Thursday 13, I present you with

What I would’ve named them…
  1. Marilla Jayne. Tops. Firstborn girl right there.
  2. Jael: pronounced yah-el, though I have heard it pronounced jay-el
  3. Jubal. Blame it on Firefly for starting that one…
  4. Fate, short for Lafayette. After my PawPaw Harrington’s Cajun Cowboy father
  5. Bella. And don’t tell me the kids will all tease her and call her Belly. She will be a ninja.
  6. Lisbeth. I don’t like the name Elizabeth or Liz, so it’s either Beth or Lisbeth. Period.
  7. Hannah. We have friends who just named their sweet baby Hannah Love. Precious, isn’t it?
  8. Samuel. In case there wasn’t a girl, I had a back up plan for naming the boy Samuel. Seemed fitting to me. As of now, my oldest dog is named Samuel.
  9. Starr. I knew someone named Starr at one time. What a beautiful name.
  10. Joy. Plain and simple but says so much.
  11. Sterling. This wasn’t really a name choice of mine but was a young boy’s name who is now a teenager, I am sure. In colonial times, people named children after virtues they found appealing: Prudence, Faith, Charity, etc. I like that idea.
  12. Millie. Again, not an exact choice, more a throwback to the 1920s when names like Millie and Hattie and Johnnie were popular girls’ names. Yes, I’m old-fashioned and unashamed…
  13. I’m stuck here. As usual. These lists are so stinkin’ hard for me. Plus, the original plan was only for 13 children, so I didn’t think ahead that far. How about Micah, in honor of my dad and sister? That’s a good family name.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this month’s (since I’m not so regular at it) Thursday 13. Join us tomorrow for another installment of June and Johnny. I must get on my my beautiful spring day! There’s planting and weeding to be done…