Why are these lists so hard for me to make? I can usually get seven or eight and then I flounder and give up. This one should be easy. I have been kind of thinking about it…

13 things that are in my greenhouse…

  1. peppers–not growing but there nonetheless
  2. tomatoes–the last of the 72 I planted
  3. watermelons–sugarbabies–I planted 36 seeds!
  4. Christmas cactus–lots of cuttings
  5. Marcy, the ponytail palm
  6. plumeria cutting that refuses to root. It has grown an inch and sprouted flowers and leaves but has no roots!
  7. water plants
  8. compost bucket–seems odd, but the heat of the greenhouse speeds the decomposition. Yay!
  9. dog treats. You read that right, dog treats.
  10. rain water for watering the greenhouse plants
  11. extra nursery pots for cuttings and cast-offs
  12. hand tools
  13. Christmas lights–in a desperate attempt to heat the greenhouse in the winter, we turned to Christmas lights. They didn’t work.

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