I needed a shower. The day was hot and I was tired. After bathing the ElfGirl, I finally treated myself to that shower. Unfortunately, the moment I decided to shower was when Mr. James came waltzing into the house, needing the restroom as well. (Yes, we only have the one room. It’s an old house.) As if on cue, ElfGirl found herself in need or relief. After she finished, she proceeded to tell me:

Head around the shower curtain: I only used a tiny bit of toilet paper

That’s wonderful, sweetheart.

Are you proud of me?

Yes, dear.

Silence, then head around the shower curtain: I flushed a ‘mode.

Good job.

Silence, head around the shower curtain again: I wash my hands.


Head, and hands, now around the curtain: I use just a little soap.


I felt so special. It takes so little for those of us as yet without children.