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With the birth of our newest niece (as yet unnamed) fast approaching, my mind has been often turning to family of late. With that in mind, I dedicate this week’s Thursday 13 to my family, highlighting 13 things about us.

  1. We thought Sunday morning wrestling was cool.
  2. Every member of the family had a Biblical name.
  3. We lived an hour outside of town.
  4. We didn’t quite fit in.
  5. My mom and dad taught us always to accept responsibility for our own words and actions.
  6. Each of us was trained to value individualism and self-reliance.
  7. Romantics. Even the ones who think they aren’t. They really are.
  8. Thanksgiving at my dad’s parents’ house. Lots of aunts, uncles and cousins telling crazy stories and not letting sleeping dogs lie. MawMaw always made Lemon Ice Box Pie.
  9. Raised in a strict Christian home. We baptized each other in the swimming pool for fun.
  10. I recall seeing two movies before I went away to college. One was Pinocchio. The other was The Last Unicorn (still a favorite!) First movie I saw in college? Schindler’s List.
  11. Goats. I think we always had goats.
  12. And chickens.
  13. And horses.
  14. We were blessed.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. Please stop by and check out more Thursday 13 participants at the website. Please feel free to leave some of your favorite (or not-so) family memories as well!