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For every holiday and/or family get together, MawMaw faithfully made this dessert. She knew full well that I and about twenty other kinfolk would swarm down upon it like a veritable locust plague. In the last few years, she has stopped making it due to rampant diabetes in the family. Coincidence? Maybe…

If you’re not too fearful, join us in a luscious, creamy and cool dessert. Perfect for the hot summer afternoons that will soon be upon us. At least, they’ll soon be upon you unless you live in the Deep South, where they’re already in full swing!

MawMaw’s Lemon Ice Box Pie

1 tub cool-whip (if you’re feeling wonderfully industrious, please feel free to make your own whipped topping–even better!)

2 cans sweetened condensed milk

Lemon juice to taste–I seem to recall that MawMaw used several lemons. Yes, folks. She squeezed her own lemons to make this delightful treat!

Mix all ingredients together well. Line glass pan with whole graham crackers (homemade or store-bought). Top pie mixture with graham cracker crumbs. Refrigerate overnight. Beg pardon? Overnight? Fat chance!!