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When James and I finally have children, there are some things I hope to be able to say to them.

  1. You have such a great sense of humor! Can you teach a child a sense of humor or is it something they’re born with???
  2. You are an excellent gardener. Very important.
  3. I like your smile.
  4. Thank you for washing the dishes.
  5. Don’t strangle the kitty.
  6. Did the dog bite you…again?
  7. Just kidding on those last two. Checking to see if you’re reading closely. Although, I have said both phrases recently.
  8. I appreciate your obedience.
  9. I love being your mommy.
  10. You are soooo silly!
  11. What’s for dinner?
  12. You are a blessing to me.
  13. Do you take cream and sugar in your coffee? Just kidding!

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