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I fully blame Melissa (some random blogger since she says it wasn’t her…)for my obsession with Britax. About a year ago(?), she wrote an article about getting a Britax for her youngest and so I began researching them. After seeing the price, I knew Mrs. Cheapskate/Tightwad/Me would never buy one of these seats. Let’s just call them the Volvo of carseats.So, when we were informed by the insurance company that we would be able to replace ElfGirl’s carseat, I knew exactly what we were getting. After passing the $250 price tag by the claims adjuster and much analyzing of patterns and styles, we ordered the Britax Marathon in Olivia.

It came by UPS today and we’re pretty impressed. Do you know this thing has steel bars in it? Pretty cool. We would have bought the Boulevard with side reinforcement as well but we’re replacing our totaled vehicle with another Volvo and figured we’d trust Volvo’s legendary steel structure to do its job.

Don’t worry, no one was injured in the accident. James was rear-ended by an irresponsible teen-age driver with more than one accident already to her name. The collision shoved our Chevy Astro into the vehicle ahead of him as well. Let me say, I’ve never dealt with an insurance company but (ahem) the experience has been less than pleasant. Yesterday, I was frustrated to the point of sobbing. I don’t like being brought to tears. At all.

But, isn’t it a nice seat? The cover is the texture of suede–so nice! ElfGirl is quite pleased with it.