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As I was posting the June Carter skit, I was struck by the date: June 6th. I walked into our bedroom and asked James if I was mistaken but I thought today was D-Day. Sure enough, it is the 64th anniversary of that momentous invasion. It’s even more special for us because of someone who has only recently come into our lives. Since we have been keeping the ElfGirl, we have gotten better acquainted with the other side of her biological family. Turns out, her great grandfather is a WWII veteran. He tells many a story of European tours but the one that affected him most greatly is the one that also ended his service in the military.

In preparation for D-Day, paratroopers were sent in to scout out the landing areas and so forth. Grandpa was one of those daring young men who jumped from the buzzing aircraft and hoped to land at his destination. After many successful missions, something went wrong. When he landed, Grandpa broke his neck. He recovered and is around to tell stories to his great-granddaughter and her in-awe aunt and uncle.

So, in honor of his sacrifice, I wanted to post a couple of photos and extend a big thank you to all who served.

ElfGirl with her grandmother and great-grandfather