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  1. Big fat lemonheads. This has been my favorite candy since the third grade. Give me a lemonhead over anything else!
  2. Extra sharp cheddar cheese: melted over homemade whole wheat toast–breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  3. Cottage Gardens: hollyhocks, poppies, peonies, bleeding hearts and sunflowers
  4. Old Picket fences
  5. Iron gates–preferably with a bit of rust or chipped paint. Nothing new-looking for me!
  6. Three year olds
  7. Blogging–of course, or I wouldn’t do it so much, right?
  8. Shopping for awesome, never before see items at thrift stores and garage sales
  9. Reading: fantasy, history, character driven, classical…
  10. Brick pathways with just a tinge of green moss growing over the edges of the bricks
  11. Pink houses with white shutters and gingerbread trim
  12. People with personality–not just culture or education
  13. Hot, rich, strong and creamy coffee with whipped cream on top

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