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A while back, I read a brief essay on blessings and being thankful. Basically, the writing mentioned all the things for which we have to be thankful in our lives. It’s so easy to remember the things that aren’t such blessings and wish for them to be removed or lessened from our lives. How about the good things? Do we consistently give thanks for their very existence? How many things do you take for granted in your own life? What if everything for which we failed to be thankful was taken away? What would we be left with?

I felt like today would be as good a day as any to start a new Sunday series On Thankfulness: 100 things in my life.

Though my first choice may seem a bit odd, I wanted to give thanks for my voice. With it I :

  • sigh
  • sing
  • speak
  • whisper
  • grunt
  • give orders
  • share love
  • read a poem
  • laugh

And that’s just a start! I hope you find many things for which you can be thankful today.