I have been trying to think of different ideas for the days of the week. Well, I just picked up a new (to us) book: Ways to Say I Love You–To Those You Love the Most by Stephen Arterburn, Carl Dreizler and Jan Dargatz. So far, the really neat thing about this book is that it is designed to be used by any person/persons/or group of people. An excerpt from the intro…

We’ve purposely written each idea so that almost all of them could be used by any two people who love one another. Husbands and wives. Mothers and daughters. Fathers and sons. Lifelong friends. Use these ideas with your grandparents. Grandchildren. Family. Friends.

The first idea in the book is the moonlight walk. How simple is that? Take a walk under the moonlight. I think the best place would be by the water or in a lovely scented garden. But, that’s my preference. What are your favorite surroundings? Find a way to spend that time together! Enjoy your walk and the relaxing time with your loved one.

“Come who will walk with me,
A little way”, I said, and lo!
I straight was joined by three:
Three whom I loved — two had high thoughts
And were, in age, my peers;
And one was young, but oh! endeared
As much as youth endears.
The moon stood silent in the sky,
And looked upon our earth:
The clouds divided, passing by,
In homage to her worth.

–A Walk by Moonlight–H.L.V. Derozio