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…the rain! My very first visit to Florida, I was amazed at the clockwork like rain. Every day, about midday, rain would fall and make the humid day even more so. But, for some reason it was wonderful and you knew it was good stuff.

When I moved to Florida eight!! years ago, I was puzzled by the rain’s inexplicable absence. For the last few years, we have suffered with hot and rainless summers. So, when this summer began without any rainfall, we weren’t surprised.

Now, we are reveling in the glorious rainfall! Every day, we have been getting ample rain for the gardens, the rainbarrels and the fish ponds. Our gardens are so bountiful that we have to beat the pumpkins and watermelons and tomatoes back with sticks. Not really sticks, but I have had to prune them all. Today, the fishpond actually overflowed. The fishies are all safe, thank you.

So, this Sunday I am thankful for the rain. It comes in its season and I rejoice in it.