Though this is more likely to fall under the retreat category, I thought I would mention one of our favorite ways to say I love you. James and I really enjoy picnicking. We have a wonderful spot on the Bay that is calm, serene and musical: just as all the best picnic spots should be.

So, pack up a picnic lunch (or dinner) and head for your favorite outdoor dining arena. Are you fond of parks, streams, mountains, parking lots? Remember, this time isn’t about what other people think a picnic should be. Your time with your loved one is about what you both enjoy best.

A final note: keep it simple. Nothing ruins a good picnic like someone (okay, it was me!!) stressing over all the fine points of what a picnic lunch should be.

A final final note: take a digital camera to record the beauty and the fun.

And, I just figured out it’s not Tuesday.  Last week, I did my Tuesday blog on Monday.  Today, I do it on Wednesday.  Get this woman a calendar!!