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Back in February of 2007, I wrote this post about the Pink Atlas Sewing Machine Rage that was sweeping BrightHaven. Then, in July, I updated the conversation with this post because a couple of people had stepped forward, offering Atlas Sewing machines for sale.

Turns out, I need to add a bit of clarification. To my sisters and brother-in-law and husband: please do not buy me an Atlas for over $25!! Yes, I know that sounds cheap but vintage sewing machines just don’t go for much these days. (If they did, I could make a small fortune off the Singers and Necchis we have hanging around this place) The machines are out there and I’m pretty sure I’ll come across another one some day. Do not snipe one off eBay (they tried, y’all) or employ any other like tactics. My heart is blessed to know you all love me so much.

By the way, take a look at some of these sewing machine manuals we bought today…That must mean a machine is getting close, right?

Please be sure to click on the gallery photos to enjoy these manuals thoroughly.

Interested in owning a PDF version of an Atlas sewing machine manual?  I offer one in my etsy shop!  Simply click on the link below to order!

Atlas Sewing Machine Manual PDF

Thank you for visiting! Due to quality issues, I have decided to stop offering the Atlas manual download. Here is a link to a well priced PDF of the Atlas sewing machine manual. Thank you again for everyone who has visited and purchased a manual. 🙂

Atlas Sewing Machine PDF Download