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Tree falling across roadway

Tree falling across roadway

Haha!  Tricked you.  It’s not going to be WW, it’s going to be a very wordy Wednesday.  I can’t believe no one guessed about this picture.  I promise it’s not a boring photo.  It’s actually pretty exciting.  Well, maybe it’s only exciting if you were the person in the passenger seat (which I was) taking random shots of hurricane debris (as I was doing).  I suppose it’s only exciting if you serendipitously recorded the beginning of an event that would color the rest of your very quick drive home…

As the caption states, this shot is of a pine tree as it began its descent to the roadway.  James claims that in the photo you can tell the tree was far, far away.  I beg to differ.  By the time that fifty-feet tall tree hit the road, we were almost to it.  It landed when we were about 10 ft away, I guess.  I never would have thought I had caught it on camera (too shaken to get a picture of the tree lying across the road) until I reviewed the shots on the memory card.  And, voila, there the picture was, tree and all!  How exciting is that!?!