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A Vision Splendid: Family Eco Challenge.

Check out the Family Eco Challenge as posted at A Vision Splendid. I really enjoy reading this blog. Always excellent information. Here is an excerpt from their family challenge:

3. Transport
a) Ride bikes to school and work
b) Limit trips to town – by planning and grouping trips
c) Get Dad to ride motorbike to town for smaller items/ errands
d) Walk
e) Find cheaper fuel, drive more economically
4. Garbage
a) Compost Food Scraps
b) Stop Getting Plastic Bags
c) Buy items with less packaging
5. Consumption
a) Don’t buy unnecessary things
b) Work on a cash budget
c) Use things sparingly-

d) Do instead of buy – make it yourself.

Interested in joining? Now may be just the right time…