The Real Economy vs. the Speculative Economy

Thought I would leave you with a bit of this article to entice you to read the whole bit.  I don’t know about doing away with capitalism because I certainly don’t agree with socialism or communism.  I would enjoy seeing a barter economy.  But then, there’s the question of whether or not we have anything to borrow.  I can sew, plant, cook, tend yards and what not–but what do I do that people NEED from me?  What is my value to other people?

Your wealth is not how many paper assets you have. It’s not even how much land you have (or think you have). It’s what you can do. It’s your value to other people.

The real economy need not suffer in the downfall of the speculative economy. If anything, the real economy has been repressed by the speculative economy. Real farmers have been crushed by Big Agra, real druggists have been crushed by Wal-Mart and real transportation alternatives have been crushed by Big Oil and Big Auto.

Douglas Rushkoff » Financial Melt Up.