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Courtesy of Dover Publications clip art

Courtesy of Dover Publications clip art

As some of you may know (from Facebook), the wasps here at BrightHaven have changed status from friendly and passive pollinators to aggressive get Becca out of the garden foes. Until this summer, I glibly boasted that not once had I ever been stung by a wasp or bee or any such painful insect. I have always had a friendly curiosity about them but never a fear. That all changed a couple of months back. Actually, it was the same day Saxifrage died. I reached into the garden to remove a rotting cantaloupe and was promptly stung on the right pointer finger for my efforts. Ya’ll, it hurt. My finger began swelling immediately. I tried to shake off the pain but the sting kinda smarts. James put some baking soda on the bite and the pain and swelling went away quickly. The second sting happened just yesterday. I was feeling garden superwoman-ish and was therefore carting compost hither and yon. Now, these wasps are still in their same locale and I need them gone! I have compost to spread, weeds to pull and they don’t want me in their territory. As careful as I was, one of those blame wasps sneak attacked me and got me right on the wrist. This pain seems to be worse than the first bite as my wrist today feels bruised. I think they have my scent now because if I go near them, they come after me.  After the second bite, I was still trying to garden near their nest.  Almost immediately, a wasp headed straight for me.  I quick stepped it across the back yard at top speed.  In fact, I imagine if James had looked up from the computer at about that time he would have been treated to quite a spectacle…

I still have no fear of our neighborhood wasps but the friendly curiosity has now been replaced with a healthy respect. If I did not see these little critters hard at work every day, perhaps I would be more inclined to rid our little gardens of them. As it is, the wasps we have are constantly pollinating flowers, watermelons, tomatoes, potatoes and so on. Why, they even attack free-range caterpillars!

That being said, I am loathe to destroy the nest. Does anyone have any remedies or recommendations for luring these wasps to another area? The neighbor’s yard? The one down the street, I mean…By any chance, is there some secret remedy, some Pied Piper trick that will convince them to pack their bags? If you have suggestions, please pile them up here.

I have gardening to do.