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Before I even begin to write this post, let me add the disclaimer that I do not recommend this action and YOU should not try this tactic at home. Not that it won’t work, or you’re not smart enough to do it but if it doesn’t and you’re not–I can’t be blamed for not warning you.

That said, I moved the wasp nest this morning! Morning temps are so pleasant and since I’ve been informed that wasps are cold-blooded critters, I thought I would do a bit of postponed work around their nest. As I worked, I noticed that a few wasps were crawling along the ground, unable to fly. That’s when the brilliant idea struck: I would carefully lift the vine to which the nest was attached and drop it into a paper bag. After some debate with James as to the advisability of said plan, I began to feel I was missing a golden opportunity.

With some trepidation, I lifted the vine, dropped nest and wasps into the bag, slowly folded the bag closed

and then ran like PeeWee Herman being chased by an alligator all the way to the back yard–heart pounding furiously the whole way. You see, I could feel and hear them moving around in the bag and could just imagine my fate if they all sprang forth at the same time. Cold blooded or not, I think they were angry enough to inflict some pain!

So, now the bag lies under an azalea bush in the farthest corner of our back yard. It’s a deserted spot where we rarely venture. Perhaps they can begin a new life there.