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Although I don’t figure the people who failed to yield to me yesterday as I was legally going through the crosswalk yesterday will read this blog–I thought I would distribute this information anyway.

Florida statute regarding pedestrian traffic

Comment: Yielding may take the form of stopping or slowing; safe yielding requires stopping (and waiting) if the crossing pedestrian is in the driver’s lane, in the lane into which the driver is turning, or in an adjoining lane.  A pedestrian is considered to be lawfully within a crosswalk if he started crossing in it when it was legal to do so, and is finishing crossing without undue delay.  A driver facing a green arrow signal displayed by a properly operating signal should not ordinarily encounter a pedestrian in a parallel crosswalk.  However, a driver facing either type of green indication may need to wait for a pedestrian to finish crossing in the crosswalk immediately before him.

I was riding my new bike.  It’s a tricycle and I’m having a bit of a time getting used to it.  Trikes are quite cumbersome but it’s really an excellent mode of travel.  As I approached the intersection near our home, I dismounted, waited for the signal and walked my bike through the crosswalk–thus becoming a pedestrian.  Honey, folks on Barrancas Avenue in Pensacola, Florida do not yield to foot traffic.  I should be thankful that my huge vintage bike would protect me some but it’s still scary to have folks making left-hand turns into the lane in which you are walking.

I decided that there’s so much hostility toward cyclists and pedestrians because folks driving autos are just plain jealous.  We’re saving money.