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Flower Baby
Flower Baby

 I’m in Vernon Parish, Louisiana.  Don’t ask me to be any more specific than that.  That’s how far out in the country we are.  I’m down a little dirt road off Highway 8.  Actually, the address can be googled and I have even seen the house on the satellite map.  This is the place I spent my formative years: riding horses, trekking through the swamp, dodging water moccasins and catching crawfish for pets.  One time, I caught a tiny snake in a bucket.  It was so small and quick that I thought it was kind of cute and wanted a better look at it.  Imagine my mother’s dismay when I showed her my treasure: a baby diamond back rattler!

Last night, I walked outside and was newly astounded by the vast amount of stars visible in the night sky here.  My parents bought 80 acres of land with two houses almost exactly 30 years ago.  The land teems with cypress, harvestable pine, tillable area and fresh water sources.  All in all, it’s the perfect homesteading site.  The original house still sits atop the hill (probably a bit closer to the road than in the early part of the century when it was first built).  My mother tells me that the original owners parked their Model T on the porch.  Whether for safety or for the sake of showing off, we’re not sure.

These days, you’re more likely to find an old dog sunning himself on the porch and a funny little cat patting your head from atop the roof.  It’s the safest place for her and she wants the attention!!  We’re always extra careful when we bring our doggies because coyotes and hunters still roam the land en masse.  Deer and wild turkeys are abundant.  I have even seen the occasional road runner scoot across the road.  I’ve never seen one move slowly, so I’m still not sure what they look like!! 

All day yesterday, we were treated to the cannon sounds of hunters in the distance.  From the sounds of the shots, if they’re hitting the deer, there surely can’t be much left to actually eat.  Some of the hunters even have the audacity to build stands on my parents’ land.  There’s no better way to upset my nature-loving father than to shoot a deer on his land!

Well, that will have to be it for update from the country.  We’re getting ready for a little going away party for my brother Matthew.  He’ll be heading out for Camp LeJeune tomorrow morning so we’re getting some of the family together for a cook out.  It should be fun!

Have a great day.