Well well…Becca’s out of town and I get to hog the Mac all to myself. Also I get the privilege of keeping the gardens and the cookin’ (heaven help us).

Now, I have been eating up the leftovers and baby mustard salads for lunch, but I’m am running out of tricks up my sleeve. I guess this old dog’s got to learn some new tricks. I have been admiring one of the finest specimen of a red bell pepper I’ve ever seen (not quite there yet, but jus’ bout ready to pick). However, we have some flavorful green bell-peppers that are ju–st right. So anyways, with Becca gone, I have to cook for myself, in the cold shadows of her kitchen genius I have to add.

Becca’s kitchen has a wealth of great cookbooks. After a few flips through a few my eyes light up to with inspiration and… the wooden spoon next to the burner, as I sate’ the onions, starts a smokin’ (ooops, sorry Becca it now has been “antiqued”). And finally, out comes one of the yum man-creations from the iron skillet.

“Roasted chiles and red beans”

But of course, while Becca’s gone, she left me in the care of of everything, including Mr Shondae, and the dogs. And thank God I make the dogs stay outside for the most part or I would be in hungry troubles.

The royal pain, “ehhm” I mean his majesty Shondae kitty, had a wonderful sampling of fire-roasted bells peppers, onions and beans over a bed of barley & rice. His majesty the cat so graced me by sharing; we know the dogs would not spared a crumb in my favor.

Props to Becca for the prep-cooked barley and rice that made this meal fast for a hungry man and “err” cat.

Love you love