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As promised, I am researching ways to celebrate and participate in Advent. Each day, I will add new resources and then transfer them to the Advent Resources page. I hope you find something to encourage and inspire you in your anticipation.

Today’s resource comes from the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Churches in America) website.

How to order this resource

Copies of “Living Simply With God: 40-Day Hunger Calendar” are available at no charge – postage included – in packets of 25. Order by phone:

  • Order online from the Augsburg Fortress Web site
  • Call Augsburg Fortress Publishers at 800.328.4648 and order ISBN 978-6-0002-0188-3, “Living Simply With God: 40-Day Hunger Calendar.”

NOTE: This calendar (the actual resource) is not available for download. You must order a printed copy to use this resource.

Note: To read the entire commentary about this calendar, please follow this link.

Second note: For those of you who are in the area, I have ordered this resource and will be able to distribute them on the first night of Advent.