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What is today? Tuesday? Someone yesterday wished me a nice weekend and I immediately panicked, thinking it was already Friday. Is this what comes of being a stay at home? Perhaps I need a bit more social interaction, I’m not sure. Maybe I need a super-duper calendar that will tell me the day of the week. The only way I figure it out now is by calculating how many days since I went to church or taught class. That way, I can kind of keep track of my week. But then, Wednesday hits and the rest of my days spin out of control! It’s quite frustrating, let me tell you.

I think what would work best for me is a little more organization and routine to my schedule. Have any of you found this out about yourself? Maybe this is why our foremothers and fathers scheduled certain things to happen on certain days. For example, Monday is washday, Tuesday is ironing, Wednesday is baking and so forth. I even have little vintage tea towels that can help me get organized.

Do any of you follow a system like this? Do you find that it works for you or not? Any tips that you can offer would help…I think.

In the meantime, check out Flylady. I was on the shiny sink wagon a couple of years ago and then got sidetracked. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been going it my own and trying to get things done. I love a clean house. Pastor Bobby says that the condition of our homes is a reflection of our spiritual lives. Mine’s kind of cluttered right now.  Do be sure to drop by Flylady’s website.  It looks like they’re working on the master bedroom today.  That’s what I need to do as well.

Just as soon as I finish scrubbing the kitchen.