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Well, it was a very busy weekend, what with a super-special wedding to attend (two of our pastors eldest children wed each other–how neat is that??) AND our 3rd Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange. Everyone really outdid themselves this year and brought oh-so-excellent treats. I will post some pictures of the goodies.

We had lots of fun at Chick-Fil-A on Saturday morning. This restaurant does such amazing things–marketing wise. Several times during the year, James and I and some friends pack up and go sing in the lobby for an hour or two. We started last year doing Christmas carols. We went back and sang one night that they hosted a coffee-house style Bible study. Last week, we did Christmas carols both Thursday and Saturday and had ever so much fun. We get to meet great people–Chick-Fil-A feeds us (mmm…try their peppermint chocolate shake that they have special for the holidays) and I get to drag out my washtub bass that James made for me last year! I’m actually improving on it and sound relatively convincing. Of course, my inner attention hog is gratified that EVERYONE wants to know what kind of instrument I’m playing…

In other news, James and I did manage to get some shopping done on Saturday. A little thrift store nearby is closing and we managed to get one of their dress forms for an amazing price. We also bought some great books: Christmas gifts! One of them that looks to be promising is Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee and Walker Evans. According to the back cover, “it is mostly a documentary account of three Southern tenant families.” The book was originally published in 1941 by two journalists who spent one month in the summer of 1936 living with these families on tenant farms. The pictures are so stark…it really brings into focus just how hard those times were. For all our talk of going “back to basics,” seeing these photos and reading these accounts reminds us of exactly what the basics are.

Something to think about…