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Wow. Seems like so much has been happening that I scarcely have time to think about it much less put it down in blog form. How many of you out there also keep a pen and ink journal, for your really private times? I don’t, but James has been encouraging me to do so, since some things seem to be too private or else involve other people…

I was just reading a blog entry from a friend of ours who is a missionagrapher. Ian travels the world, shooting video of missionaries as they do their work. He has been to Nepal, Indonesia, Honduras, Costa Rica and Ireland, just to name a few places recently. Right now, he is in Haiti with some missionaries who run an orphanage. In his entry today, he remarks on the poverty and the reality that some of the children in the village may only eat two or three times. A week. Can you fathom that? How many times each day do we snack or grab a piece of candy? Ian remarks on the heat and how much he would love to have some ice cream right about now. Well, it makes my lack of ice cream a much lesser need, don’t you think? Our church is participating in the Daniel Fast again this year so we are not eating dairy or other meat products. What a slight privation that is, though, when I can go to the grocery store for luscious, healthy looking vegetables. Even better, in Florida’s subtropical climate, I can walk into my back yard and pick fresh herbs and veggies that are guilt free. What slight, slight privations we ever see.