Here at BrightHaven, we love perusing old magazines to get ideas for our garden and home. I clip these articles and put them in a three ring binder. This binder is affectionately termed “The Idea Book.” Sometimes, we even carry it around with us so when we come across old doors or shutters or whatnot, we immediately have an idea of how they can be used.

Several weeks ago, I posted some recipes for making edible bird seed treats. That post was popular beyond my wildest dreams. It seems that everyone wanted to know how to make their own bird seed treats (and avoid the outrageous catalog prices that normally go along with them). I hope many of you put those recipes to use and made lots of little birds happy and full.

In that same vein, as I was going through some old Country Living Gardener magazines last night, I found a bird seed/house project that I could resist sharing with all of you. It’s so simple and fun to make that I wouldn’t blame you if you jumped up from your computer and whipped one up right away. Almost all the ingredients are either on hand or easily substituted. It’s quick, fun and inexpensive–a perfect craft for the gray days of winter.