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I posted these pictures earlier while I was talking to Micah so I didn’t really have a chance to write about them.  They are from a 1924 Baby Book, published by Laird and Lee of Chicago; illustrations by Ethel Schacherer.  I found this little book mouldering in a trash bag.  In my defense, I have a sort of sixth sense about finding treasure, and so I just knew there would be something good!  This baby book belonged Ms. R.D.  According to her report cards (also in the trash bag), R.D. was a below average student who always (except one time) scored 100% in conduct and only very, very rarely missed school.  I am so sentimental that I kept the life records of this woman I never met.  I just thought it sad that her belongings and little things (baby book, report cards, party dresses) had been saved all these years and then carelessly tossed to the side of the road!!

Anyway, back on track: I finally decided to scan in some of the salvaged images from the baby book.  I have a few plans for what to do with them.  Honestly, I would love to make my own baby book, using some of these images.  Any chance they’re still under coypyright?  At the very least, I can use them to make greeting cards for my family.  The images are just so precious!