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I must love it, I haven’t left it in an auto in about a week. The red volvo broke down last Thursday and so we were biking everywhere for a few days. James even rode his bike 10 miles to work one day. He must have prayed hard, because the next day, the volvo came out of the shop! I am kind of giddy today because I’ll be able to leave the house tomorrow and go to some garage sales and thrift stores (have not been to my two favorites in two weeks!!) Just think of all the awesome deals and inventory I am missing! That said, I have been able to list some really great items at The Home Gnome (vintage resale).

In other news, Pensacola is cold! Granted, it is a beautiful cold, the garden is still growing and there is NO SNOW like I know a lot of you are dealing with. Our greenhouse is staying very warm this winter and we have bell peppers on the plants. That makes me happy. I pollinated them myself and then wondered if it was even necessary. Does anyone know if bell peppers are self pollinating or not?