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I am a lover of crinolines from waaaay back. Unfortunately, my high waist begins somewhere roughly below my armpits. I wear a crinoline and it looks more like a tent dress. Am I bitter about this? Please! What do you think?? Every time I see a crinoline in a thrift store or other resale shop, I drift toward it like a moth to a flame. Quite possibly my best crinoline hunt ever happened last Hallowe’en when I was visiting Micah in Texas. We were all hungry and tired and had stopped into Goodwill as our last store for the afternoon. The second we walked in, I spotted the girl at the cash register sporting a baby pink crinoline (she was dressed up for the occasion). I pretty much followed that girl around the store. I could find no happiness or treasures anywhere because my heart was with that pink crinoline. It was soooo beautiful!

Eventually, I walked up to her and said rather nonchalantly (right): “You wouldn’t be interested in selling that crinoline, would you?” No, she wasn’t interested. “Well,” I said, “you got any more like it in the back?” She took me to the sorting room and (gasp) every lady back there was wearing a crinoline!! They had bags of ruffly panties and crinolines of many colors. It was such a wonderful find! Here are pictures of some of them for you to see as well…

Of course, you can find all of these at The Home Gnome. Speaking of, have you seen these black and white items I loaded this weekend?