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I’ll tell you in just a minute.  First, I wanted to let you know that things are not always humdrum here at BrightHaven.  Just this morning, a fire truck pulled up directly across the street from our house.  Since I couldn’t see any sign of smoke, I joked that maybe a cat was stuck in a tree.  Ha ha.  Isn’t that funny?  They were pulling out the fire hoses.  What does a cat in a tree have to do with a fire hose?  Everything, it would seem…if it climbs to the tip top of an oak tree.  The firemen had no choice but to shoot it out of the tree.  I bet that was one mad cat!


Me with the gift

Me with the gift

I’ll upload my own video that I made in a bit.  Thanks to Betty and Freddy Thronson for this amazingly generous gift.  I love it!