Yeesh, feels like I haven’t been around here in for-e-ver! It’s certainly nice to know that some of you have been in and out, checking on the blog. I certainly hope you all continue coming around and I will do my best to be a more faithful blogger. I have been thinking about the metamorphosis of this blog and it made me a little sentimental for all the blogs I once read with great regularity but have now cut back on just because of time. I suppose Spring is always a busy time for those of us who garden on any scale. It’s hard to think of anything other than seeds, weeds and soil.

Honestly, I think it has to do with this most amazing spring weather we have been having here on the Gulf Coast. The birds are back in full force, we heard a toad in the garden just a half hour ago, the rain has come in due time and the sun is shining beautifully. Speaking of rain, it started sometime on Saturday and was sporadic on Sunday. Sometime in the middle of the night on Sunday, I awoke to hear what we used to call a gully-washer. Beautiful. I love rain. Granted, by the end of the day yesterday, I was ready for it to stop. A full day of rain filled up all our water containers, made the kennels gross and squishy AND filled the fish pond to the brim! Even more threatening, a day and a half of rain followed by steady sunshine encouraged the weeds to stage a hostile takeover. So, I spent the morning pulling those pesky things out of the beds. Through the winter time, weeds aren’t a big deal here at BrightHaven. Let Spring peep its head around however, and we have a problem of immense proportions! Ah well, not too bad, seeing as it gave me a great excuse/opportunity to pull the weeds while the soil was nice and soft!

I have actually been posting on different sites. I decided to move all post pertaining to The Home Gnome over to its own little spot. And–most gardening posts can be found over at Little Green Bees. Most of my writing has been done over there and in my gardening journal here lately. Today, I still have a compost moving project to complete and some bean planting to get down so I don’t suppose I can spend much more time here. Just wanted to let you all know I’ve really been thinking of you and hope all is well in your parts of the world!

ps. I’m posting more spring time pictures over at Little Green Bees. Caught some lady bugs in the very act!