Still raining.  James still out of town.  Still disoriented.  Hail is in the forecast for today.  That could be a nice change.  I could become a three-time seed killer (you’ll have to click over to Little Green Bees to hear that story).

About the disoriented part, I am having the worst time remembering what day it is!  Is it possible that my schedule is so very dependent on routine?  As well, I was walking through the kitchen this morning, thinking about breakfast, thinking about coffee.  Hey!  Why do I not smell coffee brewing?

Oh, right.  James is in charge of brewing coffee.

James is out of town.

That’s right, folks, I was reduced to brewing my own coffee this morning.  Not since I made fun of James’ coffee and was cursed with the inability to make a good strong cup have I brewed my own coffee.

At first, I was a little giddy–thinking of our massive coffee maker collection and how I could make any type of coffee I wanted: percolated, french presed, vacuum brewed, dripped.

Dripped.  That sounds easy.  There’s that routine breaking in again.  Although, thinking about it, wouldn’t it be lovely if I was sitting here right now with a pot of french press beside me?  Maybe not so lovely for you, but for me it would be wonderful?

So, what’s James doing out of town and does he have my permission to be away?  Yeees, I let him go.  He’s at the Pro American Beach Volleyball tournament in Panama City this weekend.  It’s hosted by the American Volleyball Professionals and the Beijing Olympic Beach Volleyball team will be there.  How exciting!


NOTE: James is NOT playing at the tournament.  He’s doing his massage therapy thing.  Told y’all he was the best…