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photo credit: Jessica Caldwell

The Autumn of Life

The autumn leaves can dazzle us with their magnificent colors: deep red, purple, yellow, gold, bronze, in countless variations and combinations. Then, shortly after having shown their unspeakable beauty, they fall to the ground and die. The barren trees remind us that winter is near. Likewise, the autumn of life has the potential to be very colorful: wisdom, humor, care, patience, and joy may bloom splendidly just before we fall to the ground and die.

As we look at the barren trees and remember our dead, let us be grateful for the beauty we saw in them and wait hopefully for a new spring.

This devotional from Henri Nouwen made its way to my inbox this morning. God carefully orchestrates, arranges and oversees. I do not believe that we are left to flounder around and find our own way. There is One who guides us and makes our paths straight.

Your beauty and your love chase after me all the days of my life.

Our dear friend and worship pastor Will passed into eternity yesterday afternoon. Already sorely missed and grieved. He was a gifted song crafter, avid hiker and funny as all get out.