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Seems like these trips are never long enough but they’re always so full of fun (for me at least)!  Usually, for James, these trips are full of hard work and dirt.  This weekend, we have managed to do a good bit of yard work, visit my Granny and talk a regrettably short walk through the woods with my Dad.  Mother coooked some of her amazing fried chicken for us.  Maybe that little walk and all the yard work gave a little edge to our hunger but the chicken was SOOOO good today!  I wish she had a recipe that I could tell you all but I really don’t think she does. 

Ah well, wish I could upload some photos for you, but there seems to be a glitch in the system.  Not quite working the way I would like. 

So, have you read The Shack yet?  Mother has almost finished it and I have brought James up to speed on the story up to the point where Mack goes back to the shack.  The plan is for me to read it aloud to him on the drive home tomorrow.  We’ll see how that works out for us. 🙂  I competed on the speech and debate team all through high school and college, so large portions of my life consist of reading aloud or speaking to rooms full of people.  Now that funding my college education no longer depends upon this reading, I’m not so keen to do it.  I’ll try to get a better attitude about it before we set out. 

Since I will not speak to you all again before Resurrection Sunday, just let me leave you with this most glorious thought:

He is Risen!