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Hits more than doubled on the blog today–and I haven’t posted in,,,what? Four days? What have we been doing? Well, business at The Home Gnome has really picked up. We did okay at our little shop here in town but the real sales are coming from our shop on Etsy. Some of our friends here in town are also starting to find things they like and we’re loving that. Of course, there’s a friends and family discount so if you’re here in Pensacola, you should really take advantage of that!

We have also been aggressively pitching stuff from the house. Some stuff we’re just never going to sell or use and it has to go. We need our space back. And, while I’m being honest with you, some of these vintage items have a peculiar smell. It’s like the one bad apple cliche.

Of course, the garden is doing well, if you have missed any of the latest updates, pop on over to Little Green Bees to see what has been happening in the yard. I was out working in the yard until after dark–trimming some wayward and overgrown rye grass. In the dark, I managed to snip a tomato plant. I’m hoping it will think I was just pruning it. Sometimes they do that, you know?

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend! Looking forward to another great and productive week.