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I received a call this Monday from a local nursery owner, asking if I’d be interested in working this Mother’s Day week. It took me all of about 30 seconds to decide in the affirmative. Although the nursery is across town, sitting at the computer gets pretty old at times. I have also been in the mood for more plants (lavender to be specific) so I was excited for the chance to make money to buy more green stuff for the garden!

Mrs. Perdue has been in business here in Pensacola for almost 25 years. She has a great following of older clients who are really just interested in something pretty for their patios or a simple plant for the living room. She even has a plant of the month club where subscribers receive a new plant in a nice pot each month. The old plant is taken away and if a plant sickens or languishes at any time during the month it will be replaced. What a great deal for under $13 each month!

When I worked at Cracker Barrel, I would stop at Mrs. Perdue’s several times a week–checking on the herb selection and perusing the lovely perennials and annuals she had to offer. My love for calendulas waxed strong at her little plant nursery. And, who could resist 4-inch herbs for one dollar each??!! She pretty much supplied the plants for the dreary first few months at the Hobbit House. Actually, I think she supplied the plants many times over. My learning curve was pretty high for learning to garden in the sandy Pensacola soil!

So, this week, I’ll be spending my days in the glorious Pensacola spring outdoors. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Perdue’s Pots and Plants on Pine Forest Highway. I’ll be there, covered in plants and dirt (more than likely). Say hi and take a good long look at some of the lovely Pots and Plants that Mrs. Perdue has to offer!