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Hi one and all-be ye first time visitor or long time reader. Ahem, if you’re a long time reader, I must apologize for the lack of posting in recent months. I just don’t know what’s going on! Is it the heat? The mess in the house? What is it??

Anyway, I’m writing to let you all know that I am looking for vintage linen sheets. I’m not looking for vintage cotton or cotton/poly sheets. True linen or homespun sheets.

Silence, I bet you see those up in your area. Micah, with all those shops around–you could be on the look out as well!

Just found out that my mother loves them just as much as I do so I need to find some! I thought of buying linen and constructing my own but as I’m not going to buy linen from a store, it could take me months to find just the right color and amount for a sheet set!

So, that’s my internet plea to the world: I’m looking for vintage linen sheets–hoping to get them for about 5 dollars each, as I know shipping is going to be pretty hefty on them as well.