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Was one of those laggardly dragging days where I didn’t really do ANYTHING! AC in the house is not cooling so I slept on the deck. It was lovely! Really quite cool last night. James says it’s okay to have those do nothing days–guess he wouldn’t be happy if I had them everyday, though. 🙂

Was just on twitter and read about Joanna having lovely chocolate cupcakes for breakfast. Pretty sure I’m about to go make some chocolate cupcakes of my own! If you’re looking for a really great chocolate cake recipe, you must try Andrea’s recipe at Sgt and Mrs Hub.

One thing I did do yesterday was begin another of Lloyd C. Douglas’ books–Forgive Us our Trespasses. Though the book was written in 1932, I was really struck by how the protagonist ponders the Church’s attempt to be “relevant” and not carry on its original message. No, I haven’t crystallized any thoughts on this topic, so please don’t take me to task too harshly on it. The main thing I have come away with from the book is that we must guard our hearts. So powerful. Guard it–for it is the source of Life.

Well, I’m off to begin my day and hope you all are having a lovely time!