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Once again, the magical devotional strikes. We’ve been having a bit of trouble with some business associates and I have been spending my time crafting carefully worded, oh-so-polite letters of why I think they stink. Yesterday, James asked if I wanted to go to such-and-such a place with him. I knew going would put me into contact with these associates and so I declined. I don’t have it together yet.

Not my response.

My attitude.

I can’t stand before these people and reflect the attitude that Christ, myself and my dear husband would have me reflect.

And so, I’m waiting.

But look what came in my inbox this morning!

Choosing life instead of death demands an act of will that often contradicts our impulses. Our impulses want to take revenge, while our wills want to offer forgiveness. Our impulses push us to an immediate response: When someone hits us in the face, we impulsively want to hit back.

How then can we let our wills dominate our impulses? The key word is wait. Whatever happens, we must put some space between the hostile act directed toward us and our response. We must distance ourselves, take time to think, talk it over with friends, and wait until we are ready to respond in a life-giving way. Impulsive responses allow evil to master us, something we always will regret. But a well thought-through response will help us to “master evil with good” (Romans 12.21).