Yesterday was nice.  I am so glad to have my blog connected in to FB now, so that the posts will automatically come up.  That way, if I don’t sign in to FB for a while, then my friends can still keep in touch.  Now, we just have to get you guys blogging so that we know what you all are really doing!!

James and I headed out early because he had a couple of Saturday appointments–which was totally welcomed.  While he went to his appointments, I parked the car and headed off to the market.  The drizzle was very slight so I assumed the market would be in full swing.  Wow!  We haven’t been to the Saturday market in over a year.  I certainly hope the lack of presence was attributable to the rain.  I had a chance to talk to the gracious and green-thumbed ladies of Grow it Native, the multi-talented xoelle and I met a few vendors that I had not as yet had the pleasure of meeting.  I even bought what I hope will be delicious squash.  Of course, it was a toss-up as to whether I wanted smaller ones for eating or larger ones for gathering seeds. 🙂  Does that officially make me a seed nerd?

During the brief walk back to the car, I learned that umbrellas do in truth turn inside out.  I rather thought it was just a cute little thing that happened to girls in the movies.


It happens.

Happened to me twice.  Maybe three times.  I’m pretty sure that little umbrella is toast.

After James’ appointments, we took care of some business matters (more on that later…) and were able to find a few bargains to boot!  Take a look at some of our finds today…

Red Samsonite

Red Samsonite

oh yeah, that's ugly.  we're gonna make it cute...

oh yeah, that's ugly. we're gonna make it cute...

amazing barkcloth yardage--about 4 yds--mint condition!

amazing barkcloth yardage--about 4 yds--mint condition!

Of course, the suit and the yardage and the train case will be available at the home gnome.  I’m not so sure about the remaining pieces of the luggage set.  I hate to break up such a nice combination, but have you shipped luggage recently?  Wait, maybe you have…I hear folks are shipping it b/c it’s cheaper by post than on the flight!

Well, enough for now.  I suppose I must go to sleep sooner or later!