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Does anyone else do that? Do you feel guilty about something and so you avoid it? Man, I surely do! I can’t remember the last meaningful post I put up on this blog but it certainly hasn’t been recent. I even spent a week in Louisiana, where I usually just am overcome with words and writing. This week–zilch. Nothing. Nada.
I have been tired. And cranky. I suppose that counts for something. Nobody wants to hear about someone being tired and cranky.
I haven’t even been reading YOUR blogs because I didn’t want to feel even more guilty!! Tracy asked me to write, Micah started her own blog at Finding Crowns. Surely I can find at least a little bit to say?
I am feeling better these days and so I’m hoping to share words of wit and wisdom and recipes and creations and thrift shopping with you all. Not today though. This will have to suffice for today!