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I guess I can’t attribute it ALL to my presence on the blog. After all, folks still land on the site, looking for how to make bird seed bells and things about Holly Hobbie even when I’m not here.

However, I did notice that more of you came around when I had something new to say, and for that, I thank you. 🙂

So, what have I been doing while away? Since it’s been too long to give you a really clear account, let me just start with the most recent…

James and I were looking for a new vehicle, since we just can’t keep up with repair costs on our present station wagons. We both love wagons–Volvo wagons to be precise. We own a 1991 240 wagon (Volvo’s best wagon ever–300 something thousand miles on it) and a 1999 XC–not quite the most stellar model around. Sure, it’s a beautiful car and, when it’s running, it runs well. Unfortunately, its favorite past-time is sitting in our driveway as we can no longer afford to send it to its friend the imports mechanic. 🙂  Its newest trick is not to go into reverse.  Sweet, hunh?

Anyway, our near classic model Volvo has no A/C so trips to Louisiana have been very few and far between.  My parents very graciously bought a new vehicle for us–with the stipulation that it be a newer year model with low mileage.  After searching and searching, we narrowed the field down to the Honda Odyssey.  Surprise to us–the Odysseys are a valuable commodity on the used car market–but that’s a good sign, right?  In Pensacola, they seem to be even more valuable!  So, after several weeks of scouring cars.com, craigslist and eBay, we found the perfect vehicle–in Tenaha, Texas!

Now, I know that some of you reading this will know where Tenaha is and wonder why we went so far afield.  We have contacts there, thank you very much.  My brother and his family live nearby so Jonathan graciously took some of his time and checked out this vehicle for us.  He wasn’t impressed.  I don’t think he’s the sporty mini-van type.

Anyway, to wrap up this story, the van passed his inspection and through several relays, we managed to get the Odyssey home.  It’s truly a nice vehicle.  2004–under 60,000 miles.  Great condition.  James put the bike rack on top.  It’s better than a station wagon ’cause there’s even more head room!

Did I mention the TWO side doors open automatically?  I could entertain myself for hours with those doors.  It doesn’t take much…