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I know, it seems like this post would be better placed over at Little Green Bees, my gardening resource blog. However, the lack of these two plants, or something like them, affects me every time I see the front of my house!

At this time of the year, BrightHaven is woefully barren and it’s all I can do not to close my eyes as I walk through the front gate. The angel trumpets have wilted away to mush, the culantro is finally gone, the trees are bare, the bananas has withered away and even the liriope is looking hopeless.

It’s enough to give a gardener the screaming willies (whatever those are…)

I’m hoping that some of you lovely folks may have cuttings of either of these plants that you may like to share. I’m willing to trade or pay postage, either way. And, if you’re local and you have this plant, maybe you have some extras I can buy from you? Know of a nearby nursery that sells them? I NEED some color in the front of BrightHaven!

I hope to hear from you soon–and please let it be good news! 🙂