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I have a little secret. It’s about our hot water heater here at BrightHaven. Are you ready? Our hot water heater now lives in our back yard. Terrible, isn’t it? Poor hot water heater. It had such a long life in our laundry closet. And then, one day, it couldn’t control its leaking any longer.

That’s right, folks. The hot water heater sprang a leak and had to be removed from decent company. Not only did it “spring a leak,” the whole bottom pretty much rusted out! Even more injurious, the laundry closet still has our original hard wood floors. That’s a recipe for disaster in our books. So, James wrested the heater out of its abode, scattered washer and dryer around the kitchen and proceeded to renovate the laundry closet. Sure, it was a little off schedule–but it looks awesome now!

That’s not all of the secret. The rest of the secret is that all of this trouble began about two weeks ago. Last Thursday, I think it was, is when the hot water heater was banished to the back yard. In case you don’t know what happens when the hot water heater is in the back yard, let me tell you. It means that instant hot water is not available in the house. Let me also tell you this: instant hot water is a privilege. That’s right. A privilege.

I understand now why hair washing and bathing with hot water were such luxuries in the past. When you’re heating a kettle of hot water to wash dishes or hair or for bathing, you’re more likely to be VERY aware of how much hot water is actually being used.

I’m not telling you all this to complain or even to command your sympathy. I’m telling you this because it’s such a revelation. I’ve been washing all of our clothes in cold water. They’re still clean. I’ve been heating water for the dishes. James and I have taken turns washing our hair with piping hot water from the kettle (very therapeutic–I added rosemary and sage to my water!) and we have not had any troubles with the bathing department.

I have discovered that I don’t HAVE to have hot water to run the house. The instant hot water is TRULY a luxury item. Of course, I am very excited for when we get our heater replaced (with a tankless heater from my awesome brother!!) I am going to take a highly luxurious hot bath. BUT–I know that it’s not a horrible deprivation to live without it. In fact, it has been kind of stimulating to figure our way around this lack.

I like a challenge, but I might need a larger kettle… 🙂

My friend, the kettle