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For the next few Sundays, I am joining in a group of bloggers who are sharing their thoughts on Lent. As some of you may know, James and I are observing our first Lenten Season together and this is really becoming an interesting growing experience. We’re learning about fasting, about liturgy, about traditions and about ourselves. If you’re at all interested in following along, I highly recommend visiting the Pause in Lent bloggers.

I grew up in (and am still a part of) Christian tradition that tells us fasting is a means of breaking down our fleshly desires and building up the spirit that resides within us. Fasting is about denying MY-self, about building up MY spirit. That’s what I’ve always understood and heard and so that is what I’ve believed fasting is about.

The more I am learning about Lent, the more I realize how wrong I have had fasting all along. Fasting (or abstaining) is not about how well I can fast or how much better I can possibly fast than someone else. Fasting is about the actual repentance and turning to God. It’s about letting go of something that has possibly hindered our communion with the Father and turning to Him for instructions. It’s not so much that the fasting experience the the end–the experience is the means to get us where the Father would have us BE!

This may be the simplest thing in the world for some of you. It may be brand new for others of you. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, I hope that you will find our journey through this season to be thought provoking and encouraging. If you’re here reading, feel free to leave your thoughts as well. Do you observe the Lenten Season? What are you learning during this time? Do you turn to God through a different path? Please! Share your thoughts!