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This won’t be the first time I’ve said this this week. I find it interesting and quite appropriate that the Lenten season spans the last big push before the gardening season begins here in Florida.

This Lenten season has been a bit difficult–maybe because this year is the first year I’ve taken the time to learn about the season and truly prepare for Resurrection Sunday. If you’ve read any of my Lenten posts, you have an idea of what’s going on so I won’t repeat myself here. If you’ve not read the posts, feel free to search the archives on the subject. 🙂

So, how is this last winter stretch of gardening like Lent? Well, there are so many ways we are preparing the soil right now. We are getting ready for the time we can actually put plants into the ground. The soil must be fertilized. It must be turned and broken and made ready time and time again. Above all, the soil must be soft and warm so the little plants don’t perish when they are planted in the garden.

How is Lent like gardening? My heart has clumps in it. It is cold and hard. It needs to be fertilized with God’s love and compassion. It needs to be watered. It must be made ready for whatever will need to grow in it this season. No bitter roots or straggling weeds. No plants should remain out of season. As an avid gardener, this comparison simply blows my mind.

How is your garden growing this season? Do you need to take a hoe and a rake to it? Do some days feel like you need a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow to get rid of all the junk? I can promise you you’re not alone!  Take the time to do the work and be diligent in tending the result.

May you be blessed on this day, the third Sunday of Lent.  🙂