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I found this lovely pieced quilt top at one of our favorite thrift stores. I have been looking for one to use as a summer coverlet and was thrilled to find this glorious specimen. It is constructed of unbleached muslin and bits of feedsack, dating to the early/mid 1930s. The poor thing didn’t have any holes when we bought it. Unfortunately, after a few hours of soaking in Biz (which was not at fault in this instance and is highly recommended for any and all antique/vintage linen collectors!) and hanging it on the line, I noticed that there were small holes in a few of the pieces. When we bought the quilt, there were small dark marks (maybe scorch marks from an iron?) in a few places. I can promise you that these tiny holes in no way detract from the beauty of this handwork!

For handworked it is–each piece lovingly and skillfully hand stitched and attached. My hope is to turn it into a summer quilt for BrightHaven. Any ideas on a simple way (other than tying). I was thinking I would bind it to a sheet. What do you out there think?

Some other names for this pattern are: Baptist Fan, Methodist Fan and Japanese Fan. Anyone know of any other names for it?