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We listen to Dave Ramsey. Sometimes. Truth be told, we have heard about Dave Ramsey, been part of Financial Peace classes, watched videos, listened to the radio show and the podcast for the last six years. After a little while, there’s nothing new to hear. We don’t listen to Dave Ramsey much these days. That being said, I was in the van today listening to the radio, when Dave made the plug for a certain meal planning service. It’s supposed to be a great site that helps plan your meals, gives you a grocery shopping list, AND provides you with details on where to get the best deals on the items you’ll need! All this–for only FIVE dollars/month!

Don’t get me wrong, that really is a great deal.  In fact, I even went so far as to check out the website a month or so back.  It seemed very promising.  The site has meal plans for small families, large families, two person families and EVEN vegetarian families!  I was pretty excited–until I clicked on the meal plans.  I kid you not, every meal consisted of something wrapped in plastic!  Some of the vegetarian meals were simple meals using regular ingredients but no effort was made to incorporate seasonal veggies or actually making your own bread even!

I understand that not everyone has the time or the inclination to do these things.  I love cooking.  I love grocery shopping.  I enjoy finding great deals on excellent food products.  I like growing my OWN food and making my own bread–but sometimes I just draw a blank.  I just wish someone would help me out sometimes.

So, here’s what I thought today while listening to Dave Ramsey give his spiel on this website: Becca, you want it done.  Why don’t you do it?

Well, I guess I will.  It’ll help keep me on my meal planning toes and maybe help out some other folks as well.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting meal plans for frugal folks who try to eat sustainably or organically or vegetarian.  You won’t find hints for turning hamburger helper into a gourmet meal–but I do actually know a recipe for making your OWN Hamburger Helper–from scratch!  Lots of my recipes are things that I just throw together, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a handle on quantities and so forth.  🙂

So, since it’s too late tonight to really be promulgating recipes, let me just share a favorite meal with you–no cooking involved!

Jayne’s I had nothing in the refrigerator and haven’t gone shopping for a week meal extravaganza

You will need:

bread, tortillas or packaged crackers (don’t be picky, just pull out whatever you have!)

sliced and fresh tomatoes (drizzle with olive oil and sea salt and cracked pepper)

cheese (any kind–though we are partial to fresh mozzarella)  🙂

fruit (whatever you have)

sweet tea, lemonade, cold cokes or water

Though it may seem like the simplest meal ever, add a few friends or a couple of candles and it will be one of the most extraordinary dining experiences of your life.  Keep it simple.  Have fun.

And, don’t forget to share.