Those of you who know us, know that we like to salvage junk treasures.  If it is in a trash pile and looks like it can be redeemed, it’s probably coming home with us.  What?  TMI?  Maybe so, but the story must be told!  Yesterday, we began the cleaning of the yard.  We were having a big trash pick up day so we were moving out the trash.  At the last minute, we decided to save back the metal trash and actually take it to the metal scrapyard.  We did that today.

Y’all, all I can say is that I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish I had my camera with me.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t even have my purse.  And THAT created its own set of complications (more on that later).

When we first entered the scrap yard, we drove onto a scale that gives the total weight of your vehicle.  What a great idea!  We then drove all the way to the back of the scrap yard to offload the treasures junk we had brought with us.

Truly, it was amazing.  There were fence parts and car bumpers and patio tables and chairs (oh yeah, they were vintage.  I stayed inside the van.  It was hard.)  There were lots and lots of bikes and appliances and heavy machinery to move all the metal pieces.

After offloading the metal, we drove back to the ramp, where our vehicle was weighed again.  At this point, we have a few aluminum pieces to take out and weigh separately.  (This is where things get a little hairy)  Turns out, to sell any metal that is non-ferrous, one must do everything but leave a blood sample (and we were a little worried about that).  We were required to present a photo ID, car make/model/license number, thumb print AND a photo on the spot.  Wow.  It was only $4 worth of aluminum.  Seems the price per lb. of metals is so high that federal restrictions mandate all these checks to insure stolen goods aren’t being taken to the scrap yard.  Wow!!

Anyway, we finally finished up our trip and headed back on our way, with a little pocket change, and a world of new experiences.  That’s the BEST I’ve ever been paid for cleaning up my own yard!  🙂